On the 50th anniversary year of NHS, NHS Charities Together, Global Media and The Makers Of surprised staff who went above and beyond. 

Snappin’ Turtle needed to capture these surprises, incognito, for a suite of social films to capture the three main pillars of the NHS’s charity’s work – workforce wellbeing, patient wellbeing and community support.


To make beautiful and heart rending films in secret, in challenging environments such as hospitals, with no location recce or pre-production meetings with the main subjects of the films.


Working with our sister agency, The Makers Of, we undertook extensive casting research through friends and family of our case studies. This was to ensure we would be able to tell their emotive stories on screen, whilst also reflecting NHS Charities Together’s main focus of work – workforce wellbeing, patient wellbeing and community support.

Our crew needed to be lightweight and agile because we only had one take to film.


3 x social films for all platforms reaching 250,000+ views.

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