The Premier League and Stonewall wanted a documentary to support and publicise their Rainbow Laces campaign.


How do we tackle the homophobic stereotypes ingrained in the culture of football that stop amateur gay footballers taking part in the sport they love?


No Premier League footballer is openly out so for most supporters there is no precedent for seeing gay players represented. We wanted to change perceptions by finding some role models to start the conversation and open minds in a closed sport.

We researched and found some young amateur players who were brave enough to own up to their prejudices and set up a football match with a LGBTQ+ club to humanise the issue and cross barriers through the joy of the beautiful game.

We produced a short form documentary with social cutdowns supported by a podcast.


Featured on BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Radio One, BBC Sounds

Winning ‘Youth Programme of the Year’ at the AIB awards.

Reach: 1.5 million

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