Our Journey with Starbucks

Over the last 5 years we’ve celebrated Starbucks’ commitment to company culture and sustainability, through compelling films.

Working across multiple departments, from marketing, public affairs, CSR, HR and Operations, we delve into the essence of the company’s values and bring their stories to life.



Case Study 1: Starbucks Origin Story



We worked with the Internal Comms, CSR and ESG Teams to create this beautiful film showcasing their sustainability efforts in Rwanda and the first 10 feet of their supply chain.

Starbucks Origin Stories

Starbucks take pride in their C.A.F.E. Practices (Coffee And Farmer Equity) and it’s important to them that their staff understand where and how their coffee is grown and the people involved in the supply chain. We were briefed to follow Starbucks partners in Rwanda as they undertook the “Origins Experience”.

Assets Produced:

  • Short form documentary film
  • Vertical social cut downs
  • Stills


  • Showcased as the hero piece in the following years Barista Championship Finals
  • Broadcast across the EMEA in an internal campaign
  • Housed on the Starbucks’ intranet – ‘Starbucks Stories’



Case Study 2: How to Brew a Champion



We partnered with the Internal Communications Department to produce a compelling film that showcases the nurturing and celebration of top talent, in order to inspire teams across the globe. This impactful piece took centre stage at Starbucks’ annual internal summit.

How to Brew a Champion

Every year Starbucks hold their ‘Barista Championships’ to crown the Best Barista across the whole EMEA region. We were tasked to find out what makes a winner and create a film that would inspire other partners to fulfil their potential and get the most from their coffee journey.

Assets Produced: 

  • Mini documentary film
  • Multi split screen edit


  • Hero piece of content which opened the Senior Leadership Conference in Milan
  • Broadcast across 5 screens creating an impactful viewing experience
  • Had the room ‘in tears’ and was the ‘best piece of work they’d ever seen at this event’
  • Housed on the Starbucks’ intranet – ‘Starbucks Stories’


Case Study 3 : Barista Championships



Collaborating across the Marketing, Events, and Operations teams, we orchestrated an expansive filming of their Barista EMEA Championships.

EMEA Barista Championships

The Barista Championships are the biggest event of Starbucks’ year. Partners travel from all over the globe to compete for the title of Best Barista. We were challenged to record the full day’s event then overnight turn it into a 45 minute TV show that could be played across the region the next day.

Assets Produced: 

  • 45 minute TV show
  • Animated ident
  • 10 x 2 minute winners films
  • Mini doc about last year’s winner
  • Behind the scenes film


  • Streamed live across the EMEA on the Conference+ platform for 50,000 people to tune in for the finals
  • Viewing parties organised across the globe to watch the finals
  • Record engagement versus any previous internal company event
  • Record sign ups for the championships the following year


Case Study 4: Anniversary Video



The Events, HR, and Marketing teams tasked us with creating a flagship film to launch their EMEA summit in Milan and produce a 25-year anniversary video.

25 Year Anniversary Video

To celebrate 25 years of Starbucks in EMEA we made an engaging and fun film using a mix of existing client footage, stock footage and motion graphics, looking back at how the world has changed since Starbucks launched in the region. An example of our agility and efficiency, we swiftly transformed lacklustre supplied assets, into a captivating piece of content.

Assets Produced: 

  • 3 minute film


  • Hero piece of content which opened the Senior Leadership Conference in Milan
  • First video of its kind to celebrate a milestone anniversary
  • Housed on the Starbucks’ intranet – ‘Starbucks Stories’


Case Study 5: Teddy’s Story


Collaborating closely with the HR department, particularly within the Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement sector, we embarked on a meaningful project about how coffee can change your life. 

Teddy's Story

Our focus was on documenting Teddy’s transformative journey and the profound impact Starbucks had on his life. This narrative served as a powerful source of inspiration for individuals within the Starbucks community, offering a firsthand glimpse into the remarkable and nurturing work environment that sets Starbucks apart. This was broadcast globally to over 50,000 Starbucks employees.

Assets Produced:  

  • 15 minute documentary
  • 2 minute trailer


  • Premiered at Starbucks’ first ever global live stream event to over 50,000 viewers
  • Record number of viewers tuned in live
  • Housed on the Starbucks’ intranet – ‘Starbucks Stories’ and still the most viewed page

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