Snappin’ Turtle specialises in narrative led content through its heritage of award-winning journalism.



We pride ourselves on giving a voice to those who most need it.

At the heart of Snappin’ Turtle lies our fundamental value: the power of storytelling.

A significant aspect of our mission involves collaborating with brands to narrate their stories, particularly within the realm of ESG and sustainability. This has given us the opportunity to foster relationships with many charities to create impactful and meaningful content.

In the third sector we work directly with marketing teams as well as with corporate partnerships and fundraising teams to find the best way of financing the content.




Strangers Case – IRC and Shakespeare’s Globe

A Strangers Case

The Client

International Rescue Committee

The Brief

IRC wanted an impactful moment for their #standwithrefugees campaign.

The Challenge 

To produce content which cuts through the competition.

The Solution

‘The Stranger’s Case’ is a poignant piece, written by Shakespeare addressing the refugee crisis in the 1500s.

We formed a brand partnership between IRC and Shakespeare’s Globe to tell this story, which still resonates today.

We created a film where actors delivered lines from the prose, acted out at Shakespeaere’s Globe.

The Results 

The content delivered 1.4m organic views across Meta channels.

The Funding

Marketing Department at IRC and Shakespeare’s Globe




David’s Story – London’s Air Ambulance

David's Story

The Client

London’s Air Ambulance

The Brief 

London’s Air Ambulance wanted a fresh approach to a fundraising film for National Air Ambulance Week.

The Challenge

Entirely funded by public donations, we needed to help people understand the essential role London’s Air Ambulance play in saving lives and how vital their work is. How could we get this message to resonate and drive donation?

The Solution

We re-invented the traditional ‘case-study’ style of storytelling creating a bespoke treatment using dramatic on-scene audio recorded at a critical incident to lead the narrative. This was punctuated with a filmed interview of the patient three years post-emergency and enhanced with kinetic typography designed to help the viewer paint a picture in their mind of the severity of the incident and the life-saving skills of the London’s Air Ambulance medics.

The Result

A powerful and emotive piece of digital content which opened eyes to the reality of London’s Air Ambulance work and the difference they make in critical medical situations. The film drove a spike in donations and generated headlines, featuring in a news package on BBC London and BBC West Midlands and appearing in PR week. Good content works hard!

The Funding

Marketing and Fundraising Department of London Air Ambulance




Lifejacket Graveyard – UN Refugee Agency, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, World Vision and Migrant Voice

Lifejacket Graveyard

The Client

UN Refugee Agency, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, World Vision and Migrant Voice

The Brief

Deliver a PR stunt to raise awareness of the plight of refugees on the day of the UN Refugee Summit.

The Challenge

Media stories around refugees and asylum have been hijacked for political reasons and the plight of desperate people has been forgotten. How do we make politicians and the public think of every refugee as a person, risking their lives and the lives of their families in the most dangerous circumstances? How do we bring back the humanity?

The Solution 

We worked with the UN Refugee Agency, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders (Medicine Sans Frontier), World Vision and Migrant Voice to understand the challenges faced by refugees escaping war-torn countries and the journeys they undertake.

With the help of the London Mayor’s Office we were able to take over Parliament Square for the day and create a lifejacket graveyard. Using 2,500 lifejackets, each worn by a refugee, we created a high-impact representation of lives lost at sea to bring home the real human cost of these perilous journeys.

Using our news media contacts we were able to secure global coverage of the event to bring the story to millions around the world, ensuring the charities’ voices were centre stage and not the politicians’ spin.

The Results

Coverage across 100 news outlets including BBC, Sky, Channel 4 News, Washington Post, New York Times

#lifejacketlondon trended #2 Twitter for 16 hours

Nominated for ‘PR Stunt of the Year 2017’ at PR Moments Awards, PR Week Awards, Sabre Awards and Better Society Awards

The Funding 

Marketing Departments of UN Refugee Agency, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, World Vision and Migrant Voice and the London Mayor’s Office.




Out in the Field – Stonewall and BBC

Out in the Field

The Client


The Brief

The Premier League and Stonewall wanted a documentary to support and publicise their Rainbow Laces campaign.

The Challenge 

How do we smash the homophobic stereotypes ingrained in the culture of football that stop amateur gay footballers taking part in the sport they love.

The Solution

No Premier League footballer is openly out so for most supporters there is no precedent for seeing gay players represented. We wanted to change perceptions by finding some role models to start the conversation and open minds in a closed sport.

We researched and found some young amateur players who were brave enough to own up to their prejudices and set up a football match with a LGBT club to humanise the issue and cross barriers through the joy of the beautiful game.

We produced a short form documentary with social cutdowns supported by a podcast.

The Results

Featured on BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Radio One, BBC Sounds

Winning ‘Youth Programme of the Year’ at the AIB awards.

Reach: 1.5 million

The Funding

Marketing Departments of  Stonewall, the Premier league and the BBC

Charities we work with:

  • IRC 
  • War Child 
  • UNHRC 
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Children in Need 
  • Women’s Aid 
  • NSPCC 
  • London’s Air Ambulance

List of services: 

  • Creative ideation
  • Short and long form documentaries
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Social assets including; TiK Tok and Insta Reels
  • Product stop-motion clips
  • Graphic design 
  • Photography
  • Animation 
  • Casting 
  • Activation – project management 
  • Media strategy + buying



We’re passionate about working with charities and corporate sponsors, as it sits within our core values of elevating voices and telling meaningful, impactful stories.


If you have some stories you’d like to tell, please get in touch.


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